Welcome to our Special Needs Community for Parent, Carers, Children, Young People, Adults and Families

We are a London-wide social enterprise created by parent carers to capitalise on the momentum created by network of parent carer forums. Individually, as local forums, they represent thousands of families, and together they are a supportive and powerful network across London. Special Needs Community (SNC), welcomes and support all families from ANY background and disability in ANY borough of London and Greater London.

London has it very own specific and rich ecosystem that exists within each borough. Collectively, each local authority, organisation or community group, collaborate to create a strong network for support for their own SEND communities. They offer a range of services, information, and support across London and work together to share ideas, best practices, and build a strong foundation to enable children, young people, adults, and their families to thrive. We all benefit from learning from each other and collaborate to find innovative solutions for our London SEND community.

To find about more about the team visit ww.specialneedscommunity.org.uk or contact us at info@specialneedscommunity.org.uk